Bridget Everett & Murray Hill

Wed 07 June

Bridget Everett and Murray Hill Live!
NYC Comedy and Cabaret Icons Supershow

NYC’s Queen of Cabaret! As seen on inside Amy Schumer!
Acclaimed host of club SWIZZLE! As seen on Dita Von Teese tour 2016!

The crowned Queen & (drag) King of NYC Cabaret, respectively dubbed one of “Fifty Most Iconic Gender Benders of All Time” (Murray), by New York Magazine, and “one of the funniest people in New York” (Bridget) by Time Out New York are finally joining forces to tour down under. The pair of breath-takingly hilarious nightlife legends are returning to our shores off the back of their last visits where Murray toured with Dita Von Teese and hosted Club SWIZZLE, and Bridget won hearts and blew minds in a knee-trembling appearance at the Sydney Mardi Gras Comedy Festival.
Join New York night-life legend, comedian and internationally renowned entertainer- “Mr Showbiz” Murray Hill, in a double-headline extravaganza with the Village Voice’s “most exciting performer in New York City” and absolute force of nature, Bridget Everett in an unforgettable night of pure showbiz pizzazz.

“He has that old-school burlesque comedy thing going on. It’s not a replica, it’s original. He kills me”Dita Von Teese, LA Weekly (USA)
“Murray Hill put the ‘king” back in f**king funny” City Search (USA)
“He is one of the best comedians I’ve ever seen; he has mastered the art of improv. His interaction with the audience is pure brilliance”
“Hill is a singing, dancing, schticking throwback to the comedy entertainers of yesteryear: the wild gesticulation vaudeville of Oliver Hardy, the boiling point masculinity of Jackie Gleason, and the mischievous ribaldry of Benny Hill” Boston Phoenix
“The King of Comedy” Time Out, NYC
“I love Murray Hill. He’s a genius” Margaret Cho, New York Magazine

“Multiply the mouthy, flesh-jiggling early Bette Midler by one hundred, give her the super-plus-size figure and fashion sense of Divine, the John Waters diva, and the manners of a Flintstone, and you’ve got a rough approximation of Bridget Everett…” NY Times
“This is Bridget’s town now. You’re just living in it” Herald Sun

★★★★ “Her voice is glorious, her timing is killer… you won’t be able to take your eyes off her”Herald Sun
★★★★“Fun for the whole family: if your idea of family fun is seeing your mum and dad motorboated.” Sydney Morning Herald
“Everett is a force of nature, compelling, hilarious and terrifying, often at the same time…absolutely riveting” London Evening Standard (UK)
★★★★“Everett’s hyper-energetic hour of somehow simultaneously endearing and excruciating comedy makes it clear why she’s one of Amy Schumer’s favourite comedians and collaborators” Sydney Morning Herald
★★★★“Everett is sharp as a broken tooth. There’s nobody like her” Herald Sun

Ticket Options

Dinner & Show Section A $99(+b/f), Section B $94(+b/f) (Doors open at 7pm)
Reserved Seating C $60(+b/f), D $50(+b/f), E $40(b/f) (Doors open at 8pm)